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The food is set out behind a counter, and there are servers to whom you will point out the items which you desire, and they will either plate it for you to sit at the establishment or pack it in a takeaway container if you prefer to eat elsewhere. Please note there are no restrictions, it is just that you pay for whatever items are selected as compared to a flat rate for a typical buffet. Buffet style meals are quite common and popular in Barbados.

No alcohol is sold on the premises; however, you can get soft drinks or sodas as well as orange or pineapple juice and a local drink – Mauby, which for some is an acquired taste.

What’s on the menu?

Bajan Cuisine Menu Dishes

If you intend to experience delicious local cuisine at good prices on the Island, you’ll love Grannys. Grannys is a place where you will want to come back again and again. To gain some insight into the menu and to ensure you understand how to find our exact location, the staff can be reached at (246) 428-3838. A pleasant and helpful voice will be sure to greet you and invite you to come and dine at the one and only Grannys in Barbados!


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